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As your partner in growth, we know it's not easy to change, even when it's for the better. Let us help!
Our 360° Consulting provides leaders and teams with the right tools, strategy and resources in an ever changing technological and 24/7 connected world:
We specialize in tech, transformation and organizational growth so even the loftiest goals and missions land with success.

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Proudly based in Oakland, California USA

Our Experience

For over 24 years, we've helped $ multi-billion/million corporations, non-profits, and start-ups around the world transform from good to great. Even in the most challenging global environments, time and time again, we created and leveraged incredible teams to surpass once impossible goals and pave ways for greater growth.

​DreamHatch Leadership Series

Coaching, Masterclasses &​ Masterminds

Create and land into the next level of success in your life
DreamHatch Leadership Series empowers executives, leaders, and teams to unlock the blocks preventing their next level growth. As individuals gain greater clarity, renewed strength and purpose, their  quality of life improves, ultimately contributing to more positive, productive and engaging company culture.

It's a jungle out there, and navigating it requires a real pro. You can count on DreamHatch Solutions International to get you there.

land your success

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Why Us?

Our secret sauce? People first. DreamHatch's core mission is supercharging good people around the world to live, work and lead well. Our decades of success has proven that in empowering and centering leaders and teams with connection, clarity, and purpose, they're best prepared and able to create stronger, better, and more efficient outcomes. Add in our ability to provide the necessary big-picture thinking and key strategies, we set and command the stage for exponential success.